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Founders Day 2023

Thank you for your resounding support this Founders Day! For further gifts, please visit https://www.worcesteracademy.org/support-wa/give-now

Alex García, Advancement Associate

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A.J. Scola
AJ Scola
For all of the coaches, dorm parents, and teachers who instilled WA values in me
Abbey MacDonald
Abby Li
Abhiram Singh
Abigail Borchelt
In honor of Linda Anderson
Adam Koopersmith
Adrienne Anderson
Aidan Busconi
In memory of Paul J. Vaillancourt
Aimée Birnbaum
Alan E Aronowitz
Alana Saucier
Albert Feldman
Alex García
In honor of Thirds Basketball Team
Alexander Ham
Alice Proctor
Alison Peacock
Alivia Roy
Allen Hurd
In honor of the class of 1960
Allison Hurd
Ally Gray
Amitabh Chand
Amy Copponi
Amy Driscoll
In honor of Riley Dtiscoll, 2024
We are so proud of all the work you have done at WA!
Amy Herlihy
In honor of Don Irving, Maureen Lawler, Juli McGourty, David Plante and Lucy Tew
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mamma Mia!, especially to Bryan Herlihy as Sky! Special thanks to Don Irving, Maureen Lawler, Juli McGourty, David Plante and Lucy Tew for all their hard work and support of the students in the show!
Amy and Jeromy Grniet
Anabella De Jesus
In honor of The cast and crew of Mamma Mia!
Thank you all, you were all so wonderful :)
Anastasios Parafestas
Andrew & Jane Abu
Andrew Adiletta
In honor of all the teachers and students of Worcester Academy
Andrew Reich
Andrew Scanlon
Angie & Scott Johnson
For shaping our youth in a positive atmosphere.
Ani Khalili
Aniceto De Souza
Anne Irish
Annie Martinez
Anthony Oliveri
Anthony Petrone
Arielle Marlette
Arlene Moran
Arthur Fox
Arthur Hennessey
In honor of Carol Hennessey
Ashkan Mohaghegh
Austin Salmon
Good memories at WA.
Happy 189th birthday to WA
Bazarsky Family Foundation
Ben Cottrell
Benett Gelardi
Benjamin Karr
Benny Sato Ambush
Beth Leavitt
I grew up on campus - both my parents worked there. I have so many memories as a child but more as a lifer!
Bill Keville
Bill Riordan
Bill and Sara Miller
Board of Trustees
Bobby DiFranco
Congrats on hitting 500 donors!
Brad Puffer
Brad and Meme Middlesworth
Bradford (Lynch) Levy
Brendan Roy
Brittany Gasco
Bruce Cutcliffe
Caitlin Brosnihan
Caleb Ribeiro
Cam Clouse
Camden Blum
Canaan Severin
Keep it going!!
Carl Cervini
Carl Turner
Carly Heman
Carol Davis
Carole Dorris
In memory of Sonia Glazer
Caroline Alper
Caroline Reich
Catherine Paul
Catriona Kalmanovitch
Cayla DiRoberto
In honor of Lynne DiRoberto
Cecily Pulver
Chad Gagnon
Chad Tew
In honor of Lucy AJ Tew
With gratitude to WA for providing a community where my daughter is flourishing.
Charles Hughes
Charles Vaillancourt
Charlie Savoie
Chenghao Xu
Keep up the great!
Cheryl & Tim Roy
Thank you!
Chris Avery
Chris and Julie Hurd
To everyone involved in Performing Arts, thank you for everything you do!!
Chris and Tracey Blum
Christian McCarthy
Christine Murray
Christine Nichols
In memory of Paul Skerry
Christopher DelMastro
Christopher Norman
Chuck Vassallo
In memory of Dorothy and Harold G. Rader
I remain deeply grateful to WA for all that it has given me. Congratulations on the success of today's Founder's Day!
Cole Carbone
Colleen Quirk
Colleen Rooney
In honor of Robert Rooney, US Army (WWII)
Thank you for doubling donations that honor veterans!
Corey and TaNoah Morgan
Worcester Academy is a community that cares!
Courtney Carr
Courtney Duffy
In memory of Kate Duffy P’08, P’18
Courtney Duffy
In honor of Kate Duffy P’08, 18
Courtney Mili
In honor of Trainer Paul Vaillancourt
Courtney Pelley
Cynthia Guerard
To the cast and crew, congratulations! A special thanks to those adults without whom the show could not go on. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated! Finally to Zoë, we love you and couldn’t be more proud!
Daley Baldwin
Dan Sullivan
Dana Breen
Very happy to be part of this dynamic, friendly and busy school! GO WA!
Daniel Apelian
Daniel Collins
Daniel Galante
Daniel and Nicole Apelian
Darcy A Cook
In honor of Kara Krantz
We are making this donation in celebratino of the 189 Brithday of WA in honor of Ms. Kara Krantz who was provided my son Matthew with new vision, personal challenges and opportunities to explore and develop new skills and talents under her leadership and direction. We appreciate you. The Cook Family
Darryn Unfricht
Continue to be a great educational opportunity for my family
David Barry
David Grab
David Grennon
David LaPointe
David Miller
Over 50 years since I graduated and the positive impact of my experience still resonates to this day
David Shamoian
Debra Davis
Dina Nichols
Keep ‘Achieving the Honorable’!
Domonkos Ferjancsik
Donald Irving
Donald Twitchell
Dorene Blythe
Douglas S Moran
Douglyss Giuliana
Dr. Darryn Unfricht P'26
Dr. Lisa Hubbard
Dylan Savoie
Ed Cronin
Ed Reilly
Edward Fallon
In honor of Eric Nottingham
Edward Hall
Edward and Ellen Pistorino
Eleanor DiFranco
Happy Founders Day WA!
Eleanora Winston
In honor of Kris Geenty
Elena Babenko
Elise Siciliano
Elizabeth Bowles
In honor of Don Irving
In honor of Don Irving - Your work at WA has enriched my life!
Elizabeth Budzinski
Elizabeth Buonforte
Elizabeth Cotten
In memory of William Treese
Elizabeth Finn
Ella Budzinski
I Love WA!!
Emily Ferguson
Emily Isakson
Emma Macintire
Emmy Lacourse
Eric Cheung
Erica and Anderson Ribeiro
In honor of Kevin Snyder, Coach Marino-Nagle, Yuming Lu, Dr. Juliette Dunn.
Thank you for all you do for Hannah's WA experience!
Esther Mann
In honor of Dr. Francine Smith
In memory of Dr. Francine Smith
Euclid Jorda
Thank you WA!
Eva Maria Nazarewicz
Eva O’Reilly
Family of Emma DeRoche
We are so grateful to all of the faculty and staff in the WA Performing Arts program for all of the love and support they show the students, and for helping Emma to explore her passion for performing arts!
Fanrong zeng
The Worcester Academy is excellent and deserves my support.
Frances Griswald
Frank Callahan
Gabe Pitts
Gary Shusas
George Anusaukas
George Butler
George C Whitney III
George Hamilton
Gina Richard
Glenna Sullivan
Gordon Lockbaum
Gordon Lockbaum
Grace Anderson
In memory of Wei Huang
Grace Stolberg
Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Haipeng Xu
Han Tang
Heather De Jesus
Heather Randazza
Heather Reiter
Heather Reiter
In honor of Donald Irving
It is difficult to image WA without Mr. Irving, he will be missed!
Heather and Sean Rhatigan
In honor of Mr. R. Sheldon Scherer
Hector Becil
Hui Wen
Huxley Holcombe
Ira Stoll
Iris anastasia panos
J. Michael Grenon
We support Worcester Academy's mission.
Jack Adiletta
In honor of the teachers and students of Worcester Academy
Jacob Pham
Jacqueline Arce
James Ciociolo
James Ciociolo
Positive experience and want others to have same opportunity.
James Lockman
In memory of Sonia Glazer, who taught me reverse titration and how to throw a great cast party
James Lyons
James Marlas and Union Capital Corporation
In honor of Shelly Scherer
This gift is in memory of Shelly Scherer with whom we worked for years!
James Mili
In honor of Pam Lefferts
James Novakowski
It was a lovely place to go to school, and I'm happy to have the fundraising get the bonus dollars.
James Proctor
James Queenan
James Severin
James Welch
James Young
Jamie Lavin Buzzard and Mike Buzzard
Jamie Sullivan
Janine Luke
In memory of Sheldon Sherer
Jas & Meeta Gill
In honor of The amazing faculty and staff that make the performing arts so special at WA
Jason Gerum
In memory of Denise Mary Gerum
My mother was an excellent and active lifelong musician. It brings joy to my family sharing in memory of her passion for children and the performing arts.
Jason Port
Go Hilltoppers!
Jay Valley
In honor of Donald Bloom
A superior school. Teachers, coaches, and classmates made impressions lasting a lifetime.
Jeff Swider
Jefferson Upton
The theatre program is the best. It’s one of the great joys of being at WA.
Jeffrey Halbreich
Jeffrey Lee and Emma Hughes
Jeffrey Lynn
Jeffrey Oakes
Jennifer DiFranco
In honor of the A-Team! Looking forward to my first Founders Day!
Jennifer Marino-Nagle
Jennifer Quinn
I'm so grateful for my time as a Hilltopper, and I'm proud to support WA today! Achieve the Honorable!
Jeremy Bandy
Jessica McCarty
Jessica Stromme
Jill DiFranco
Jill Romer
Jim & Janet Boudreau
Jim and Nancy Coughlin
Joan Fritz
In memory of Sheldon Scherer
From the Fritz Family
Joan Goodchild
Jody Abzug
In honor of Jordana Irzyk
Joe & Nancy Amorello
Joe LePain
John Biggio
John Deitz
John E McGowan
John Gray
John Joyce
John Liller
John Mackenzie
In honor of all faculty and staff efforts to Achieve the Honorable.
John Richardson
John Thayer
John and Donna Orthoefer
John resnick
Johnny Davis
Jonathan Baker
Go Hilltoppers!
Jonathan Stuart
Jordan Eisenstock
Jordan Eisenstock
Jordana Irzyk
Joseph Berberian
Joseph Budzinski
I Love WA
Joseph Younge
Achieve the honorable
Josh Horowitz
WA changed my life. And it is still fulfilling that mission for more generations of students. Happy Founders Day!
Joshua Isakson
Joy Awumi
Judy stien
In honor of Peggy Brooks
Julie Berberian
Julie Berberian
Julie Cotton
Julie Fitton
Justin Martino
Keep it going!
Justin Rubinstein
Thank you so much! Go teams!
In honor of Elizabeth Bowles
Karan Chandel
Karen & Jeff Crum
Karen Sykes
Karin Houghton
In honor of Howard Borggaard
Karla Cinquanta
Katarzyna Weyman
Kate Coelho
Kate Gagnon
Kate Parsons
Katharine Oikle
Katherine Henry
Katherine Morse
Katherine Norrie
Kathy Arias
In honor of James R. McKeon & Edward P. McKeon (Veterans)
James P. McKeon (Grandpa Jim) - WWII Edward P. McKeon (Uncle Neddy) - WWII + Korean War
Kathy Phipps
In honor of My mom and the dedicated WA teachers who were there for me when she passed in my Junior year.
Katie Adiletta
Katie O’Reilly
Katy & Kit Hughes
To the WA teachers, coaches, administrators and staff who help to provide an exceptional learning experience - thank you!
Kayzie Salmon
Thank you, WA!
Keith & Amy Sullivan
Kelley and Mark Barlow
Kelly Blackburn
Kelly Bubello
In honor of Bubello advisory
Kelly Youngberg
Ken Michelson
Ken Papetti
Ken and Bridget West
Kenneth Payson
Kevin Quirk
Kevin Snyder
In honor of The Snyder Advisory and WA Girls Tennis
Kevin Zifcak
In honor of Linda Anderson
You are such a wonderful person!
Kim Kastler
In memory of Arlene Kastler
Arlene was the Grandparent of Anna Bacchiocchi (2005) and Colin Bacchiocchi (2012), participating in Grandparents Day for all of the 14 years they attended WA.
Kim Salmon
Cheers to 189 years!
Kirk Upton
Kirk Upton
Kirk Upton
In honor of The Upton Advisory 2020-2023
I support WA because I'm proud of all that Tre, Ethan, Alisa, Shirley, Luis, Max, and Jack have accomplished during their time on the Hilltop!
Kristina Geenty
In honor of Robert and Janet Macko
Keep up the great work going on at WA!
Kristyne Darling
In honor of Peyton Darling
Congratulations on your success on the stage & in the classroom! We love you!
In honor of The Company (Students & Adults) of Mamma Mia! 2023
You make me believe in fairytales. Special commendations for the seniors who worked this show - CREW: Grace Anderson, Olivia Preston, & Jimmy Wen; CAST: Anabella De Jesus, Kate Gagnon, Allison Hurd, Mila Kaul, Emma Nelson, & Yuhang Wu; ORCHESTRA: Brian Jiang, Tony Jung, Stevenson Li, Alex Zhang, & Ulia Zhou. Even more special commendations for the adults involved: Julianne McGourty, Dave Plante, Brittany Plante, Don Irving, & Maureen Lawler. This never would have come to be without your work.
Larry Gordon
Laura DelloStritto
Lauren David
Lauren Ellerbrook
Laurin Baldwin
Leslie Harrold
In honor of Jennifer Griffith
Jen is simply amazing. She works tirelessly on behalf of students.
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Lussier
Liam Port
Lilly (Slatkin) Frohlinger
Lin Gong
Keep up the good work
Lin Gong
Linda Cahill
In honor of William A Cahill
Lisa Kalberer
Lisa Marchewka
Lisa O’Neil
Liz FitzGerald
Thanks WA and the great teachers!
Lori Woodring
Lucy Phillips
Luke M Vaillancourt
Luman Zhang
I would like to see just how good the chipotle really is
Lynn Khamphavong
Lynne Welsh
Excellent education
Maalouli ‘s
Madeline Nebelung
Madeline Surgenor Richards
Proud of the work by our community every day to make WA the special place it is!
Madison R. Otis
Maggie Carroll
Mandy O'Reilly
Marco DiPlacido
I am a firm believer that Athletics is a big part of a students life. WA has supported me as both an athlete and a student.
Margaret Welsh
Margarita Panajoti
Marguerite Savage
Maria Fisher
Maritza Domaleski
Mark DiStefano
Mark DiStefano
Mark Listewnik
Mark Lufkin
In honor of Neil Isaacson, Alex Garcia, Suzie Nebelung and Samuel Sadowsky
Mark Rosen
Marla Abodeely
Marnie Kut
In honor of The WA community.
Marsela Qafzezi
Marvin Brown
In memory of Sheldon Scherer
Mary Beers
Mary Jo Hjerpe
Mason Clemence
Matt and Cara DiStefano
Matthew Adiletta
In honor of Mr. Woodruff
Matthew Adiletta
In memory of Mr. Woodruff
Matthew Prochilo
Maureen Gould
In honor of Emma DeRoche
Max Proctor
Megan and Andrew O'Leary
Meghan Bennett
Melissa Ciociolo
In honor of Donald Irving
Meng Li
Michael Coady
In honor of Edward Coady, Jr
Michael Darling
In honor of Marissa Darling
We are so proud of your achievements in the classroom & on the court! We love you Marissa!
Michael Dennnis
Michael LeVangie
I loved my time at the school 2002-2007!
Michael Mangaudis
Michael O'Neil
Michael Pinto
Michael Shannon
In honor of William Samko
Doc Sam was like a second father to me while I was a student and beyond. He and my dad were great friends!! This is a great opportunity to give!
Michael T. Shannon
Michaela Fischer
In honor of Alex García and all his amazing work on this campaign ❤️
Michal Grabias
Mikey Ciociolo
In honor of Melissa Ciociolo ‘08
Mila Kaul
In honor of Renee Coutinho
Ming Tseng
Minsang jung
Moira Mullaney
In honor of Girls Hockey
Molly DeJohn
Mr. Ben M. Warshaw 2010
Mr. Daniel C. Floyd
Mr. David De Jesus P'23
Mr. David Plante
Mr. Douglas Poskitt
Mr. Frank L. Chandler 1981
Mr. Frank R. Callahan 1971
Mr. Gerald A. Feldman 1961
Mr. James J. Sullivan
Mr. James R. Scola 2004
Mr. Josh M. Horowitz 1977
Mr. Kailai Duan
Mr. Kirk Upton
Mr. Louis W. Burwick 1961
Mr. Matthew P. Emerson 1992
Mr. Peter Cronin 1980
Mr. Richard Coen GP
Mr. Ronald M. Powers 1962
Mr. Ross E. Parker 2008
Mr. Stephen G. Scott 1986
Mr. William B. Greenleaf, CLU 1953
Mrs. Amy Alicandro P'22
Mrs. Caroline Reich P'06,'08
Mrs. Donna L. Kayarian-Chiacchia 1975
Mrs. Jennifer DiFranco
Mrs. Julie M. Berberian
Mrs. Kristina M. Geenty 1981
Mrs. Linda Anderson
Mrs. Mary Fenner
Ms. Carissa Misch
Ms. Debra Davis
Ms. Jennifer Griffith
Ms. M. Jill Overdorf 1982
Ms. Marilyn Flores
Ms. Marnie Kut
Ms. Melissa Hutchins
Ms. Neema Mwihia 2025
Ms. Sally A. Williamson-Card
Ms. Tara A. Dowling
Nakul Ramesh
Shoutout Mr. Garcia
Nancy Bosnak
Nancy Osborn
In honor of The Admission Team!
Natalie Gosciminski
Nathan Harris
Nathan Lee
Nathaniel Vaillancourt
Nathaniel Yurkovic
Neil Isakson
In honor of Suzie Nebelung
Nicholas Bollus
Nicholas Nebelung
Nicholas Nebelung
In memory of Peter Pietluck, US Army WWII
Nikki LaGanke
Noopur Kapadia
Nora Brooks
Olivia Preston
Olivia Randazza
Oluchi Okananwa
Owen Ferguson.
Owen Foley
Owen McCarthy
Owen Roy
Pamela Lefferts
Parents of Mamma Mia! Cast & Crew
In honor of Don Irving, Maureen Lawler, Juli McGourty, David Plante and Lucy Tew
We are so proud of the cast and crew of Mamma Mia! rising to face any challenge and putting on four amazing performances. We are so thankful for the adults who supported our children in this process. Our children have grown so much as a result of your dedication and guidance. Thank you Don Irving, Maureen Lawler, Juli McGourty, David Plante and Lucy Tew!
Patricia Gavin
Patricia Halpin
In memory of Mercedeh Mirkazemi Ward
Patrick O'Donnell
Paul & Lana Saucier
Paul Buckingham
Paul Carlson
Paul Himottu
Paul O’Connor
Paul Saucier Jr.
Paul Wolf
Peter & Robin Reynolds
Theater program is the best!
Peter Babaian
Peter Cronin
Best wishes for much continued success!
Peter Cronin
Peter Dykeman-Bermingham
Peter Hamilton
In memory of Bill Treese
Bill Treese, my junior year English teacher, saw something in me. He was patient, held me accountable, and taught me to appreciate the English language. He was an interesting man with rich life experiences, possessed good humor, and was of high integrity. He saw something in me when I did not. For that, I shall be forever grateful.
Peter Hughes
Quality education, caring community, growth mindset continue at WA in amid the challenges and uncertainty of the modern world.
Peter Mone Sr
In memory of Michael Mone
Peter Rawinski
Peter Reynolds
Peter Rosenthal
Peter Williams
Philip Saliba
Pilar Holik
In honor of Efraín and Elvia Rodríguez
In memory of Efraín y Elvia Rodríguez
WA has been home for almost 4 years. My students are the best and I know some of them need a little of economic help. My mother and father did a lot pro-bono during their lives. I want to give them some credit for what they did. They believe that quality education is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy society.
Rachel Marchetti
In honor of William Chiappetta
Donating in honor of my father, William Chiappetta, US Navy Seabee.
Rachel Marchetti
In honor of The class of 2023
Wishing the class of 2023 an amazing 99 more days to graduation!
Rafael Mulet
Rana Levitt Hebert
Raymond Musumeci
Rebecca Silver
Renee Coutinho
Renee Malowitz
In memory of Debra Haring
Rich Deperro
Richard Bourne
Richard Fryburg
Richard Rader
Richard Rader
Rick Scott
In honor of Lt. Col. Meyer, thank you for the match, sir, and thank you for the inspiration to serve!
Rob DeRoche
Robert C Hartson, Jr.
In memory of A.G. “Jerry” Hartson ‘65
Robert Kettlewell
Robert Mundie
Robert Post
Robert Sadowsky
Robin Fortin
Ronald Powers
Ross Parker
Ruijia Shi
Ruth Sweeney
In honor of Dr. Sonia Glazer
Congratulations, WA! Keep up your great work educating and inspiring your students!
Ryan McKetchnie
In honor of Coach Jamie Sullivan
The Worcester Academy experience has been one of the most impactful, memorable and valuable experiences of both our children's lives. The Academics and Athletics speak for themselves, but more importantly, it is the people who make this such a special place. From the Headmaster ans his wife who have adopted every one of these students as their own and make them feel genuinely valued, to the teachers, coaches, support staff, trainers, maintenance crew and security guards. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is valued in such an authentic way. We are so grateful for the impact that this community has had on our family and will be forever proud to be a part of such a special place. Thank you Worcester Academy
Sam Butler
Sam Hatem
Sam Thoreen
Thank you to all the faculty, staff, and administrators who provide incredible learning experiences in and outside of the classroom, on and off the field, and everywhere in-between.
Samuel Green
Samuel Sadowsky
In memory of Stan Kaufman, Marine Corps
Sara Port
Sarah Sardella
Scott Baton
In memory of William Treese
Scott Lainer
In honor of Therese B. Lainer
Worcester Academy helped turn my life around. And I am forever grateful.
Sean Ha
Serena Berube
Seth Goldberg
Seth Welcom
Thank you WA !
Shakowa Neal
Shannon Coleman
Shannon Kuiper
Shawn Kahawai
Thank you WA!
Sheila Abzug
Sheila Sam
Keep up the good work
Sherri Pelski
Shirley Zhang
Shivaan Sharma
Awesome Stuff School
Spencer Gould
Stephanie A Peters
In memory of Neil W. Peters III
Stephanie Favia
Stephen Anisko
Stephen Bek
Way to go W.A. !!!!
Stephen Carey
Stephen O'Neil
Stephen Ranere
Stephen W. Piper
Steven & Kelley Small
In honor of Linda Anderson
Stuart Rosenwald
Sua Im
Susan Ferguson
Susan Morrissey
Susan Sullivan
GO Hilltoppers!!!
Susan Wong
Sushmita Patel
Suzanne Nebelung
In memory of MSgt. Eugene Nebelung, USMC
Thank you Tom Meyer for helping us to honor those who have served!
Suzanne Weekes
In honor of the memory of Cedric Weekes
Suzie and Jim Nebelung
Happy Birthday Worcester Academy!
Sydney Cushing
Sydney Ryder
Tamara Mount
WA has been a wonderful place for my son to learn and grow into a spectacular young man!
Tara Dowling
Tea Qatipi
Teju Richardson
In honor of Téa Richardson Ojeda
Terrie Urbanowski
Congratulations on 189 years!! Keep up your great work !
Terry and Juliana Gilheany
In honor of Sheldon Scherer
Tess O'Connell
Thelma Guerin
Thimble Club
Thomas Mangaudis
I love this school. Thank you for everything.
Thomas Meyer
In honor of military alumni
Thomas Meyer
Thomas Meyer
In honor of All 80's classes and Military Alumni
Thomas Power
Thomas Roddenbery
Tim Adams
Great School and Fantastic people!!
Tim Markey
Timmins Family
Todd Shriber
Todd Vogel
Tom and Beth Berg
Tom Holland
Great school, wonderful experience...
Tom Meyer
Tongda Lou
Let's go!
Tre Norman
Tricia Yurkovic
Trisha Pahari
Trisha Pitts
In honor of Class of 2023
Worcester Academy has been a wonderful, supportive, and caring learning environment for our son. We truly appreciate all the wonderful staff members who’ve helped our son on his journey!
Tucker Van Aken
Ulia Zhou
Urs Klingsporn
Ursula Arello
In memory of Jim Wells '61
In memory of Jim Wells '61. Go Hilltoppers!
Vafa Soheyli
Wade Johnson
Wayne Bolden
Wei Yan Chan
Wes Larson
Will Zhang
William Becker
In memory of Hamlin Jennings '65
William Blaney
William Camp
William Foley
William Foley
William H. Kettlewell
William Haddad
William Harvey
William Kelleher
William Littleton
William Littleton
In memory of William Treese
William Radner
In memory of Dutch Rader
Yanying Hu
Yoon S. Cha
Yuhang Wu
Thank you!
Yuming Lu
Zachary & Jacqueline Dutton
Zara Nwosu
Zhenguang Gao
Happy Founders Day WA!
Ziad and Clara El-Nemr
Abby amorello
Anna harvey
Charles + eileen glassmire
glad to help...we both have fond memories of teaching at WA...best
Connor fitzgerald
dope sports
Elizabeth Little
In honor of Foster and Molly Little
Gangcheng guo
Gary mesnick
Geeta puli
Julieann manley
Kevin breen
With gratitude for all the families and alumni who continue to support our wonderful school.
Nina gavin
Owen mcnamee
Paul fuller
Robert Shookus
Sam cassetta
Shannon Power
In honor of NANCY OSBORN
Nancy Osborn has been a beacon to my family for many years in helping us navigate "all the things" at Worcester Academy to make our experiences here to be both meaningful and successful. I can only imagine how many lives she has impacted over her 24 years of service to this community , but I can tell you that we are profoundly grateful for her support. Nancy Osborn is a true gem and embodies all that Worcester Academy is about. Thank you, Nancy, for all that you do
Test donation
Xian zhang
Bless the children here!
Ziad el-nemr
In honor of Clara el-nemr
遍理 相内
In honor of Jamie Sullivan, Dan Sullivan, Mike Adu
In honor of Samuel Sadowsky
Happy 189th birthday to WA
keep up the good work!
In honor of Sumner
Thanks to everyone who gave supports to my son during his wonderful and impressive study at Worcester Academy in the last 4years!
Have a great year!!
Our son has really expanded his vision of the world at WA. Thank you!
In memory of Robert going
Bobby would be so proud of all you have accomplished!
So grateful to Coach Jamie Sullivan, Coach Dan and Coach Adu for all their work with the basketball team. It has been an amazing experience for our son to play on Rowe court and enjoy all the benefits of your experience and leadership. We appreciate you looking after both the logistics like driving all over New England and the substantive like winning the NEPSAC AA 2021-2022. We are also grateful to the kitchen staff and head chef who make great food day after day, to Mrs. Carter in the mail room and the gardeners who make the grounds of WA such a beautiful environment.

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